So I’ve taken more time off than thought I would from my blog and  the promise (to myself) that I would write consistently no matter what. Maybe the lack of motivation was due to the myriad of political nonsense we have to endure every night on the news, maybe the lack of topics to address through this blog was associated with being saturated with so many people’s opinions on social media and not wanting to be another one who thinks she is right. Tired of repeating what I have said out loud..ntot wanting to put those words online… Whatever the reason for my poor enthusiasm, I am back, sort of…

I have been focusing my energies onto other causes and avoiding discussing politics with friends (worse thing you could ever do) or co-workers (do you want a new enemy at work?) but somehow during election year it is very difficult to truly avoid addressing this topic. I do feel I have to comment even so briefly so you might not fall asleep, because it is an important election and because I am a voting citizen too.  Basically what I want to say is pleaseee people get a grip ! Do not follow just to follow.

Think about your choices and think hard about the consequences of those choices. Just because someone says what they think without any filter or regards for others, you need to pay attention to their volatile and impulsive attitude. You need to think what will their extreme self-confidence do to a nation like ours. Do not forget previous leader with such demeanor. remember Hugo Chavez and what he did to Venezuela? Self-assurance, arrogance and poor political experience does not guarantee a good president. All these wonderful traits can actually do great harm with foreign policy and international economic affairs. This type of person can and will offend world leaders, nations, individuals of diverse races and religious beliefs. This type of person can take us into more wars and international problems we could face. Think about that!

Yes, I know some of you say do we have better options? The options may be limited but we have the opportunity to ensure that it doesn’t get worse. We need a leader who can understand diplomacy, who can make decisions with long preparation, think things through, rely on other’s feedback and counsel when necessary. Being auto sufficient in this position is not desired. We need someone who will not change their mind later saying they were only suggestions. That’s weak. Yes, I got suggestions too. Everyone does. But do not say this is your plan of action, get everyone excited or angry and then oops it is just a suggestion.

We all know this person’s suggestions are absurd and not feasible. Also we know these suggestions will only cause harm and more hate towards the United States. We need someone who can unified the nation with common goals, who will continue to support health care for everyone, with access to services and to education. We need someone who can support women’s autonomy and not punish women for their reproductive decisions. Someone who will not make fun of another’s physical disability. Someone who will listen and respect other’s opinions. We need someone who will ensure billionaires are taxed and both working class and middle class citizens are given an opportunity to thrive.

Yes, it is a difficult election year…so many decisions…so few choices…but there are choices. Think about them…carefully.





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