New year, new promises


A new year is here, you make new promises, new resolutions and new intents to make your lives better but after a few weeks of 2016 you would go back to the usual routine and most of you will forget all those promises made. It’s normal, it happens to all of us, I done it dozens of time. But here’s the deal: Having a resolution, a goal for the New Year is very healthy; it makes us feel more enthusiastic about getting older and the prospects of a new tomorrow. Otherwise people get nostalgic for the past, the better part of their past and things that may have not gone so well.

Yes, you’re older, a little fatter, a little grayer, and perhaps you did not achieve everything you would have like. But guess what? It’s never too late, really…so knowing you have another whole year to do it is encouraging. It gets your engines going full speed to look forward to new experiences and new adventures. The only thing is to keep one motivated, how do you accomplish it? One good way to keep track of your steps to get to your final goals is to document it. Yes, call it a diary or a journal, or even an agenda / calendar where you write your daily mini-goals for the week. The mini-goals are the smaller steps you can take to accomplish your final objective. The steps that you have to take to get you there are more important that the ultimate goal (losing weight for instance).

Keeping track of what you want is a good way not to forget what you decided in December and also will help to keep you motivated. Journal entry: Monday January 4th – go to the gym for instance. Checked !  that little check mart at the end of the day will feel great, the more check marks the better you will feel. Yes, go ahead and write your thoughts/feelings if you want, after all it is your journal. Next day the same thing and keep going, before you know it you get there. Want another job? January 4th, go online, post update and post resume. Look and apply to 10 jobs. Checked! January 5th, go online and apply to 10 more jobs, checked! Before you realize you have done much more than expected, you will get the interviews and then a new job for 2016.

Anyways you get the idea.  Writing your goals, keeping track of them, it helps to make your resolutions much more tangible, they become more real and it gets you to do something about it every single day. So if you want to keep your new year’s promises, make yourself have a purpose to get there. Make a plan, keep track of it and do not surrender, even when you may skip a day from your to-do lists, or you may forget to write in your agenda, forgive yourself and do it the next day, you will see that having a small break doesn’t mean you have to give up for the entire year otherwise you’ll be making the same resolutions for 2017.